Why Red Corsetry Has Been A Fashion Staple Since The 1940s

Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner and Jane Russell: what do they have in common? All these women at one time or the other in their lifetime did pin ups for magazines and they were the very image of femininity and sexual appeal. The essentials of a pin-up girl image are of course an evening gown, high heels, gloves and of course the corset. The corset was the most essential part of the pin up girl look because it brought about the perfect hourglass shape. Since the 1940s, the pin up girl image has been the best appeal in the world of fashion and it never looses its prestige.


Courtesy www.TheVioletVixen.com
Courtesy www.TheVioletVixen.com

Red corsets tops and corsetry come in a variety of styles and sizes. Almost any woman can find a corset to make their shape more appealing. There are those corsets that are meant for the curvy body and those that will help the leaner woman look curvier and attain the hourglass shape. The idea of a pin up image is to look as shapely and as appealing as possible. Even with the big hair, the high heels, the gloves and the smashing evening gown, without the perfect hourglass shape, the pin up image will not look right. This is why the corset is the single most essential component of the ensemble.


In the past, corsets were not fun to wear. Not only were they made out of the most uncomfortable materials, one had to endure through the day with them as they produced a lot of warmth and therefore caused sweat and body odor. Not the same with the 21st century corset. Not only does it have subtle and stylish hem lines, it is also made in a variety of materials and colors, and one can choose to wear it with any kind of outfit.

Corset or bustier top?

There is no doubt that a good bustier top can bring a magic effect to your figure. However, the disadvantage of the bustier top is that it ends at the waist, therefore breaking the magic there. A corset goes all the way down and so it provides an unbroken and streamlined figure that most women envy. Some corsets that are being made seem to be a hybrid of the two. Corsets have also been worn for different instances either as club wear or lingerie, or under clothes. Those meant to be lingerie are often decorated with plenty of frills and lace.


Talking about corsets – the role of corsets in modern fashion in the last 50 years cannot be underrated. This is because not only have all women embraced this piece of clothing as a requisite in fashion, but it has also evolved in terms of style and also purpose. Halloween costumes are rife with them and every girl is usually looking for the perfect one to go with their gown. Timeless fabrics are combined with modern innovative designer motifs and comely styles to make for the best collection and one is left with plenty to choose from. There is no doubt that the corset will never leave a woman’s wardrobe, however it is worn or designed.